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How To Become A Member

Agency Members

A Member must be a corporation principally engaged in debt collection or debt purchasing activities and willing to meet the full criteria of membership. In accepting membership, applicants commit to an obligation of self-discipline in their dealings in accordance with the requirements of the various provincial and territorial laws and regulations.

Agency Membership is available on two levels:

less than 50 employees $350

more than 50 employees $800

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is for entities who do not undertake third party debt collection and or debt purchasing activities, but are otherwise affiliated with debt collection and or debt purchasing.

Affiliate members may include; credit providers, suppliers to debt collectors and debt purchasers and government regulatory agencies

Affiliate Membership: $750.00

To apply for membership, please contact us!

Member Benefits

CSCA Membership is a cost-effective way to enhance your business credibility. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and offer members a strong voice and guidance.

The CSCA was established for the benefit of the Canadian debt collection industry. CSCA will work to improve the legislative and regulatory collection environment and will provide applicable benefits to our members.

An important role for our association is the provision of submissions to legislators and regulators providing an informed perspective from our industry with a view to improving the collections environment for all participants in the collection industry in Canada.

CSCA seeks to promote the debt recovery industry as a responsible and significant participant in the credit life cycle, acting in the interests of both credit providers and debtors. CSCA’s members jointly employs in excess of 5,000 individuals.

CSCA is managed by a National Board of seven directors elected on an bi-annual basis by our membership. Our board members consist of national, international and regional agencies.

As a client of a member agency, you can feel confident that you will be afforded the best assistance possible in collecting debt, regardless of the location of your debtors.

The purpose of the CSCA is to:

  • Monitor and respond to external change impacting the sector
  • Provide a membership forum for communication and exchange of questions and strategies around the environment in which we operate
  • Be the unified voice for the sector (not to the exclusion of members own representation)
  • Pro-actively monitor, lobby and communicate around issues impacting the sector, whether provincially or nationally
  • Provide a resource for public comment
  • Act as a reference and aid to the credibility of members
  • Promote good behaviour, standard and compliance
  • Promote and represent member behaviour around the ideas of high ethical and corporate governance and standards